Siluz Angola New Stores in Benguela and Benfica

Siluz Angola has already opened their stores in Benguela and Benfica. In order to serve you better and better, Siluz has created more functional, cozy and modern stores to receive you. Inaugurated on November 4, Benguela´s store features improvements in infrastructures to give response to the market needs. Benfica´s store opened on January 20 and is another bet of Siluz Angola. The goal is to be closer to our customers and give response to the growing demand that the Angolan market has shown.


Visit our new store at:


Benguela – Rua 10 de Fevereiro

Phone: 272 231380 / 938 254 304


Coordinator: João Rodrigues


Benfica Luanda – Rua 10 de Dezembro / Estrada de Benfica (In front of National Police)

Phone: 947 153 067


Coordinator: Rui Lopes


Click here to see the Benfica 10 Store.