About Us

siluz_angola_mulemba_00004Currently Siluz – Distribuidora Angolana de Material Eléctrico, Lda. has a wide distribution network offering a range of products to the general market from the most reputable brands in the world, at the best price.

Siluz sells nine categories of products: electrical equipment (tertiary, industry and housing), lighting (interior and exterior), ventilation, appliances, generators, tools (electric and manual), hardware, plumbing and machinery.

We also have Siluz-Tec, a technical section with specialized personnel to project, budget and manufacture Electrical Panels.

Within each category, Siluz has a wide range of products, thus creating a very broad and comprehensive offer (some brands on an exclusive basis) in order to cope with the market requirements.

It is equally important and desired to always be at the forefront of the promotion and sale of novelties presented by the brands we represent.

Contact us and show us your project, we have the most effective solutions.

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